“US vocalist delivers a uplifting new release, with nods to Arcade Fire and Angel Olsen.”
“It’s an ’80s-inspired power-pop anthem about the joys of just letting the past go...Beier’s voice, paired with the infectious melodies of the verses, make “Forgiveness” into the perfect earworm... It would sound appropriate during a pivotal scene in a teen movie.”
“Her vocals are emblematic of other indie female vocalists you love, but her content is new and more exploratory. The vulnerability is stunning and freeing, and might have you calling to make a few apologies to free yourself, too.”
— POP DUST, New York
“Her latest folk tune is rad and belongs in film of sorts. The kind of film Focus Features makes.”
“Forgiveness combines Tara’s previous exploration of alt-folk with an undeniable nod to the more tasteful side of 1980’s pop. That she’s drawn comparisons to Stevie Nicks and Angel Olsen should surprise nobody, but there’s a warmer, more upbeat quality to the track and fans of Mitski will certainly find plenty to admire.”


Background on the song:

The music first came to me in a dream. I was walking out of my elementary school as an adult. As I walked down the school residential street, I began to be lifted into the air by the winds from under me, on my back, like a levitation. The music begins and  the chorus sings the word “enchanted”. I am flying on my back high in the sky, trusting in the wind to keep me up from falling.

“An unforgiving mind burdens one with negative thoughts, holding onto yesterday’s hurts. It contaminates and prevents the thinker from living a happy life now.”

“You realize that hanging onto old grudges is like a miser in deep water clutching at a bag of fool’s gold, unaware that the fool’s gold is just heavy,  useless rocks weighing him down”

Run Time: 5:07
Artist Name: Tara Beier
Recorded at The Village Studios, Los Angeles
Engineer: Jeff Gartenbaum
Guitar: Adam Zimmon
Drums: Tripp Beam
Keys: Sasha Smith
Bass: Ricky Bakken
Producer: Tara Beier
Sound mix: Doug Boehm
Mastered: Dave Cooley
Songwriter: Tara Beier